Thursday, May 5, 2011

Queens College Event Photos

Thanks to all who came out for our Queens College event in the Godwin-Ternbach Museum of Klapper Hall this past Tuesday night—above is the lovely museum space where we held the reading. All of our readers were fabulous and it was great to meet and greet lots of new people, especially the Queens College students who stuck around after class!

HUGE thanks, once again, to Nicole Cooley and the Queens College MFA Program in Creative Writing and Literary Translation, as well as the Queens College communications department, for helping to put this special event together and doing such an incredible job of spreading the word.

Check out some photos of Tuesday's readers, all of whom contributed their work to Forgotten Borough, and who either teach at Queens College now or have in past years: Rigoberto González, Nicole Cooley, Jocelyn Lieu, Roger Sedarat, and Jayanti Tamm.

Rigoberto González

Nicole Cooley

Jocelyn Lieu

Roger Sedarat

Jayanti Tamm

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